Shift into Winter

October 24, 2017 hhildebrandt

On average, while driving for work, 21 workers a year are killed and another 1,280 are injured and miss time from work due to motor vehicle crashes. Almost 30% of these happen during the peak winter months of October, November, and December, and unfortunately, due to last winter’s extreme conditions, claims from these crashes were 38% higher in December 2016 than in December 2015.

On October 13th, in a continued effort to reduce the frequency and severity of winter-weather related vehicle crashes in B.C., the annual Shift into Winter campaign was launched, and will run through until March. This campaign is part of WorkSafeBC’s Occupational Road Safety Initiative (ORSI), led by the Winter Driving Safety Alliance (a partnership of 18 organizations), and operationalized by Road Safety at Work. WorkSafeBC is a part of this winter road safety awareness initiative because vehicles are the workplaces for many people in our province. From the obvious occupations of truck drivers, couriers, and taxi drivers, to the less obvious roles of community health nurses, sales people, and maybe even your own job – these people are at risk of injury and potentially death when they are driving for work on our roads.

Employee safety is a shared responsibility — employers, supervisors, and workers need to be aware of the risks associated with winter driving, to prepare for the winter season now, and to drive safely.Prepare yourself and your vehicle for winter conditions and drive safely!

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